Miley And Liam Don’t Waste Time, Get Engaged (Or So We’re Told)

That escalated quickly: If we are to believe Us Weekly’s source – and, why not? – very handsome couple Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are already engaged. When did they start dating again? Like, Tuesday?

You may remember (or maybe not, I honestly don’t know why I do) that the two were engaged in 2012, before they called it off and broke up and “remained friends” as is S.O.P. for celebrity breakups. But, “a source” tells Us Weekly that since Tuesday (just kidding, it was all of ~25 days ago, not just two, that would be ridiculous), they have moved back in together and become re-engaged.

At this rate, we’ll find out that they’re married on February 11, that Liam is in his third trimester by March 2 (I feel like that’s the way Miley would have things go), the triplets will be born two days later, they’ll be separated by April, back together by tax day, by the end of the year they will have aged 80 years under mysterious circumstances, and by next Oscars we’ll be seeing touching tributes to their long and storied romance.

Congrats to them, I guess!

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