Happy International Sweatpants Day AND #SquirrelAppreciationDay AND National Hug Day!

As you may know, Rule 34 of the internet holds that “if it exists, there is porn of it.” We may need to come up with a new rule, however, noting that “if it exists, there is a holiday of it.” I can’t even keep track of holidays and appreciation days anymore there are so many! Today, for instance, is somehow International Sweatpants Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day and National Hug Day.

It also happens to be kind of a slow news day.

Anyway–I feel as though I should say that, for me, every day is International Sweatpants Day, as I work from home. Although, technically I am usually wearing either leggings or yoga pants, and do not actually own any traditional sweatpants. Due to the whole working at home thing, I have not hugged anyone today yet either, as I have yet to see a human being in person.

However! As a result of trying to find an image for this article, I now am aware of these sweatpants, which feature a squirrel on them. From a company called “Crotch Gear.


I could get those! Although I don’t think I’m supposed to since I am pretty sure that the joke is supposed to be that the squirrel is reaching for “nuts” and I have no testicles to speak of, thereby rendering said joke meaningless. Tragically, I was unable to find (FOR SOME DUMB REASON) a picture of squirrels hugging and wearing sweatpants, so I had to make my own. It is not good. I accept that.

Since it is Squirrel Appreciation Day though, I feel it is important to acknowledge our site mascot of sorts, Chad–the squirrel that hangs out on Amelia’s fire escape.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Chad’s happenings, here is his girlfriend Stacey trying to break into her apartment.

Stacey is, like, desperate to Netflix and chill.

A video posted by Amelia McDonell-Parry (@ameliamagritte) on

Of course, my fellow editor on the site, Megan Reynolds, has no interest in celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day (OR CHAD) at all, stating that “squirrels are rats in fancier jackets and cannot and should not be trusted. The word “squirrelly” has negative connotations for a reason. Squirrels are furtive, dodgy, fast-moving things that don’t necessarily need to be eradicated, but certainly don’t need their own motherfucking day, they’re everywhere. Also, they might have rabies. All of them.”

Surprisingly, Squirrel Appreciation Day seems to be the bigger holiday by far this year, as it’s been trending on Twitter all day, and there’s barely been a peep about International Sweatpants Day, other than a PR email I got the other day from a company called Hanro of Switzerland suggesting that I include them in my International Sweatpants Day coverage, and wishing me a “luxuriously comfortable and relaxing day!” And I am comfortable, thank you! Although, again, I’m wearing leggings rather than sweatpants, so I’m not terrifically festive.

Anyway! We at The Frisky hope that you are having a wonderful International Sweatpants Day/Squirrel Appreciation Day/National Hug Day.