Carly Fiorina Ambushes Unsuspecting Toddlers, Puts Them On Stage For Anti-Abortion Talk

Imagine you’re a three or four-year-old kid, going to the botanical gardens for a field trip, excited to maybe look at some plants and whatnot, when all of a sudden you are wrangled by a disgraced ex-CEO who is currently trying to be president, and thrown up on a stage next to a giant picture of a fetus to sit and listen to her as she talks about how much she hates the fact that women no longer have to die from illegal abortions.

Well, that is a thing that actually happened. That is a thing Carly Fiorina actually did at a recent campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa.

According to the Des Moines Register, Fiorina “headed straight for a group of giggling 4- and 5-year-olds as she walked into the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden Wednesday morning” and then brought them on stage with her as though they’d all come to see her rather than look at some pretty flowers. Then, she talked about how she believes Planned Parenthood is illegally harvesting baby brains, which of course they are not.

Chris Beck, the parent of a 4-year-old who attended the field trip, told The Guardian he was not too happy with Fiorina’s actions, saying “Taking them into a pro-life/abortion discussion [was] very poor taste and judgment. I would not want my four-year-old going to that forum – he can’t fully comprehend that stuff. He likes dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers.”

When asked about the ambush, Fiorina’s spokespeople told The Guardian “We were happy that these children chose to come to Carly’s event with their adult supervisor,” which just goes to show you how incredibly daft these people are. I’m pretty sure a bunch of preschoolers on a field trip weren’t thinking “Oh good! Instead of looking at pretty flowers, we can sit on a stage with Carly Fiorina and listen to her talk about harvesting baby brains!”

I mean, who wrangles a class field trip in order to use kids as props on a campaign stop? That is a bizarre thing to do! Even if you’re not talking about harvesting baby brains! You leave other people’s kids alone.

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