Amy Schumer Will “Literally Do A Polygraph” Test To Prove She Doesn’t Steal Jokes

For those of you who pay very close attention to the petty-ish infighting of female comedians, this is surely already on your radar. For those of you who do not, sit down. Amy Schumer, America’s raunchy sweetheart, has been accused of stealing jokes from comedians Kathleen Madigan, Wendy Liebman, Tammy Pescatelli and the late Patrice O’Neal.

An anonymously-posted video, since removed from Vimeo, intercuts bits from each of these comedians with Schumer’s comedy special at the Apollo and skits from her show. Here’s an example of Schumer’s bits compared to O’Neal’s, as an example.


Hmmmmm. Really makes you think. Schumer came to her own defense on Twitter.

She followed that up with a brief appearance on the Jim Norton Advice Show on SiriusXM to address this scandal. “Both Kathleen and Wendy believe me,” she said. “I’m literally going to do a polygraph and put it on my show this season, and I promise whatever the results are, I won’t let them cut.”

Everything has a reference. It’s just a matter of how you use that reference and giving credit where it’s due. Schumer maintains that she didn’t steal jokes. “I have to come up with so much material for my TV shows, this movie, stand-up,” she said. “And I’m so careful.”

Did Schumer steal the jokes? Is any joke actually original? Aren’t we all just swimming in the simulacrum that is contemporary culture where everything we say and do and act and feel contains a hint of something that came before? Maybe! Yes. Probably. But, if you’re going to possibly-kind-of “steal” “jokes” and then become super famous with said jokes, ready yourself for the blowout.

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