A Woman Turned Every Heinous Sext Received From A Frat Bro Into A Song

Ah, men. So cool, so chill. Especially when they very much want you to give them a blowjob and ask for said favor via a string of raunchy, explicit sexts that linger in your inbox, unread and unopened. What else is there to do with the sex-filled ramblings of a frat boy than to turn them into song?

After receiving a receiving a string of fantastical and disgusting sexts, one woman took matters into her own hands. This uplifting piano ballad, “Texts From A Beta,” is a compilation of all the sexts received from a horned-up frat bro and it is something else. Arranged by Matt Rafferty, “Texts From A Beta” sets such lyrical masterpieces like “My load plus your face, you’re gonna inhale my dick” to a lilting medley, sung by a woman and a pretty impressive chorus of backup singers.

It’s catchy, no? There’s nothing like hearing someone sing “you’re gonna have to suck me real fucking good” against a pipe organ and a nice melody to really remind you that while all men aren’t trash, some most certainly are.

[h/t Death and Taxes]