You Are Dog Now: This Perfect Twitter Will Make You A Dog

The world can be a remarkably cruel place full of sad injustices and people lacking empathy, bad Hollywood remakes and overpriced meals. But it can also be a place full of legitimately decent people, hot fudge sundaes and most importantly: You Are Dog Now, a brilliant new Twitter account that encourages users to tweet pictures of themselves in exchange for doggy doppelgangers.

The Twitter account has become an overnight sensation, as the owner does a pretty accurate job matching dogs with people’s photos.

They even handle group photos and couples!

A few celebrities joined in the fun, because dogs transcend all that separates us.

I tried to join in. Crossing my fingers here that I get a dog twin.

I’m not holding my breath though, because this mysterious Twitter angel is already overrun with requests and apparently still in college.

Truly, this is all beauty.

Dog bless us, everyone.


(Refinery 29)