Swedish Hero Draws Penis On Frozen Lake

I vividly remember going through a small series of prank phases when I was younger. My best friend and I would call Alfy’s pizza and ask where Alfy was. We’d pour shampoo in our older sister’s underwear drawers, lie about our identities in chat rooms online, tricking people into thinking we were older men, but we NEVER reached the gorgeous level of prankery that this mystery artist in King’s Park in Sweden achieved when they managed to etch a large penis on a frozen lake.

The Gothenberg City Council received multiple requests that the drawing be removed after the penis artist left their mark this weekend, but the ice is currently too thin to support the weight of an adult, so they are forced to let the beautiful art thaw out.

A neighbor, Ake Lindgren, who lives across the road has enjoyed witnessing and documenting attempts to remove the penis from the lake.

“I have explained the story many, many times now. But it’s funny!” said Lindgren of the multiple removal attempts, “The penis is still there, I can still see it. But it is still a bit dangerous right now.”

Most likely overcome by the overall beauty of the situation, the Mayor has refused to speak on the issue, essentially verbally shrugging when she concluded:

“I can’t comment in a way that makes sense. Or, in plain language, who cares.”