Ken Kratz Of Making A Murderer Speaks Out: “I Was A Dick”

America’s favorite garbage monster, Ken Kratz, the former Wisconsin prosecutor who successfully sent Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey to prison, recently sat down with comedian Jena Friedman to talk about the aftermath of Making A Murderer. Kratz has received a lot of hate mail, and while much of it includes vicious  attacks on his appearance, some of the most salient criticisms seem to have maybe gotten to him.

“I was a dick,” Kratz says in the Gothamist interview. “Some of that was bravado that was necessary for the presentation of the case, but some of that was me. And I think it’s important that people understand that I’m not that person anymore.” Kratz says he regrets the press conference he gave shortly after Dassey’s confession, though he doesn’t address allegations that it tainted the jury pool in Avery’s trial, and says the POV of the hate mail has changed recently. Oh, people still think he’s an asshole, but now, instead of being convinced of Avery’s innocence, the outlook seems to be that while the police “probably planted evidence,” Avery is still likely guilty. 

The most interesting part of the awkward exchange is when Kratz offers up a brand new explanation for how that vial of Avery’s blood might have been tampered with. He says that he had testimony from a nurse who allegedly punctured the cap on Avery’s blood vial when she was depositing the blood. If this nurse does indeed exist, she wasn’t in MAM, and I can’t find any record of her testimony in all that was written about this case. Sadly, and some may say conveniently, Kratz can’t remember her name. Also, she’s dead. I look forward to hearing what Avery’s trial attorneys have to say about that one!

Speaking of which, these days Kratz — who stepped down as District Attorney after being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women — is on the other side of the aisle, and works as a defense attorney with a private practice.

I’ve got more in common with Dean Strang and Jerry Buting than with the state of Wisconsin right now,” he tells Friedman.

“So you’d want the people watching the documentary to see you as a Dean Strang character?” Friedman asks, referring to Strang’s sudden sex symbol status.

“No, no. I don’t want to be Dean Strang. I want to be Ken Kratz,” he insists. “It’s pathetic, really. The stars that go in your eyes when you talk about Dean Strang.”

Eh, however ridiculous the thirst for Dreamboat Strang may be, Kratz’s voice still makes my lady juices curdle. Gird your loins, ladies, before pressing play!