Don’t Feed Your Infant Only Almond Milk Unless You Want A Scurvy Baby

Spanish doctors have diagnosed an 11 month baby old with scurvy, citing the child’s almond-milk-only diet as the cause of the condition.

There are a lot of questions here, like, “Wow, scurvy is not just a disease that pirates get?” and “Why was this baby eating like a insane yogi on a fad diet?”

By way of answers, we have a report in the journal of Pediatrics from the doctors who treated the infant. “This case presents scurvy as a new and severe complication of improper use of almond beverage in the first year of life,” they write.

The authors also go on to note that almond milk is not the problem, so much as literally only almond milk, noting that when it is the “exclusive diet… it can result in severe nutritional problems.”

In general, they further caution readers that “plant-based beverages are not a complete food,” which, I guess, is advice we could all use from time to time.