10 Cheeses (With Pairings!) For Your National Cheese Lover’s Day Shopping List

Ahoy, cheese sailors! Today is National Cheese Lover’s Day. I can’t eat cheese, but man do I love it. In celebration, Whole Foods has all of their organic cheeses at a 20 percent discount. Are you able to digest cheese? What are you doing right now? Are you at Whole Foods buying a whole bunch of cheese? Why not? What’s wrong with you?

Maybe you just wouldn’t know where to start. Fair enough! Here’s your shopping list, complete with instructions and pairings:

  1. Cotswold: Cheddar with chive built in. Perfect for snacking, melting, twice-baked potatoes, life.
  2. Sar Vecchio: Parmesan’s cheap cousin. The little crunchy bits are crunchier. God bless Parma, but I love Sar Vecchio way, way more.
  3. Smoked Gouda: Get this, some scotch, a cigar, and plan yourself an incredibly flavorful Friday night.
  4. Goat Brie: Make a dessert quesadilla with goat brie, mango, and scallions; thank me tomorrow.
  5. Halloumi: I’m just going to assume that not everyone on Earth has heard of Halloumi yet and give you instructions. Slice it, fry the slices in garlic and olive oil, then squeeze lemon over it and see if you can ever stop eating it.
  6. Fresh Mozzarella: Pick up some tomatoes and basil while you’re at it and you’ve got a caprese salad.
  7. Bierkase (Beer Cheese): And then, as long as you’re in the Specialty department, pick up some beer, too. Oh, and pretzel bread. Now that is a grilled cheese sandwich.
  8. Bleu Des Causses (Or Another Really Good Bleu): I know, bleu cheese has a bad rep. It is definitely an acquired taste. Now is the time to acquire it, and a really good bleu will help because it’ll taste smoother than a cheap bleu. Get some greens, walnuts, green apples, dried cranberries, and bleu, make a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, and serve it with red wine.
  9. Havarti with Dill: Maybe the best cracker cheese ever.
  10. Humboldt Fog: Extremely pungent, cut with pamplemousse La Croix and grapes and you have a tiny light meal.

Any other cheeses you love? Let me live vicariously through your cheese consumption and tell me all about it.


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