This Etsy Shop Sold Out Of Falkors, So Now You Can Make Your Own

Any nostalgic person who’s seen 1984 movie “The NeverEnding Story” has probably wished for their own luck dragon at one time or another. Falkor a childhood fan favorite, partially because he reminded us of a dog and we though of him anytime there was a bad thunderstorm.

That’s probably why when the site posted about the Esty shop GameGuardians selling handmade plush Falkors, it blew up so much that they couldn’t keep up up with the over 1500 requests they received.

Instead Laura, who personally makes them, posted a heartfelt message about not wanting to charge more to meet the demands. Since she can only personally make about 15 Falkors a month, she decided to start selling the pattern to people so they could make their own instead. This is extra awesome news for those of us who saw the picture and hoped for less emaciated version. Now you can beef him up yourself!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.44.34 PM
CREDIT: GameGuardians

Never give up and good luck will find you, but in the form of a complicated yet affordable craft pattern. Now go forth and make Falkors.