Should You Be Mad About This Zac Efron Tweet? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Zac Efron, my guilty L.A. celeb-bro crush, tweeted yesterday that he was grateful for two things: reaching 10 million Instagram followers and the life’s work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mm, civil rights activism and social media followers: two great tastes that go great together! Efron also made the curious choice of using two black hand emoji, including a fist(!!?!). Lots of people on Twitter were mad about it and various media outlets presented it with the same breathless reportage dedicated to actual, real, large, problems.

Should you be angry about this? I don’t know! Maybe it’s too early for you to feel angry, because you had yesterday off and are just slowly getting back into the swing of things. Let us help you parse through the swirling miasma of emotion.

Yes, oh my god, this is terrible, BRB burning all of my High School Musical paraphernalia immediately!!! Help, I’m angry. 

Do we really have to tell you why it’s…questionable that Zac Efron equated the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. to the more nebulous personal achievement of reaching 10 million followers on Instagram. It’s bad! Martin Luther King Jr. worked tirelessly for basic human civil rights for his entire career. Zac Efron has made money based largely on the dynamic planes of his face and the fact that his torso appears to be carved of smooth, warm marble.  His personal brand and Dr. King’s work are two very different things. Apples and oranges, guys.

I don’t care about any of this, Zac Efron is clearly a moron, there are greater things to be upset about. Help, I’m NOT angry, just tired. 

It’s fair to say that the thinking part of Zac Efron’s brain is probably not as well developed as the rest of it. He’s not dumb, but he’s not….smart. So he tweeted a thing that sounded fine in his head and when he asked his assistant about it and now everyone’s mad about it! But are you actually mad about it or are you mad because the internet mob mentality is telling you that you should be?

All I can do is laugh when I look at this tweet, sorry.

Same. At least it wasn’t this, right?