Sarah Palin Joins The Sideshow, Endorses Donald Trump

Sarah Palin will officially be endorsing Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President on Thursday, according to a statement obtained by the New York Times. Fantastic! What a day for Donald Trump: He was also endorsed by John Wayne’s daughter today, which is of about equal import, considering the fact that Sarah Palin has been doing practically nothing but FOX News appearances for the last eight years.

It’s television blowhard paradise! Seriously, all I need to know about the value of Sarah Palin is that she blew a presidential election for a beloved war hero with a history of bipartisan work on several committees over two decades years of Senate experience against a practically-untested junior senator with no foreign policy or military experience in 2008. Even I considered voting for McCain until Sarah Palin joined the ticket, and I’m a heathen socialist queer. (Obviously it wasn’t the only death knell, but “You can see Russia from Alaska” as an argument for her diplomatic prowess clearly didn’t help, among other things.)

So um, good luck with all that, Trump! Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by Flint, Michigan’s mayor for the work she’s done on the water crisis and by the Human Rights Campaign. If anything in American politics works, the Trump sweaty nightmare will be over soon.


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