Olds More Into Feminism Than Youngs, Study Says

A new study by the Fawcett Society of 8,000 UK residents found that over 70% of women over 65 believe that “more needs to be done to achieve equality for women and men.” Only 55% of those age 25 to 34 agree.

The head of policy and insight at the Fawcett Society noted that she found the age discrepancy “surprising.” “The results showed a polarised attitude among young people,” Jemima Olchawski told BuzzFeed News. “While they were more likely to identify as feminist, they were also more likely to oppose feminism.”

Over at The Cut, Dayna Evans speculated that the results may reflect a fatigue among the younger generation. “All this talk about feminism certainly seems exhausting,” she wrote. “But is it exhausting enough to actually turn women off from the idea entirely?”

Maybe. It’s also possible the old ladies have just been around long enough to have seen some shit. Unfortunately, regardless of what the godforsaken millennials think, gender inequality is definitely still a thing.