Men’s Rights Activists Sue Women To Fight For Equality And Sun Hats

Continuing their brave fight for men’s rights, the National Coalition for Men is using a decades-old civil-rights act to sue women for not including them in stuff like ladies’ night.

Through the use of California’s Unruh Act, the group has successfully waged several lawsuits on the basis of discrimination. According to Mother Jones, these efforts include winning $500,000 in a class-action case against the Oakland A’s that “contested a Mother’s Day promotion where the A’s gave the first 7,500 women to arrive at the ballpark that weekend a sun hat.” (Presumably, the group’s lawyer argued that “Everyone gets the sun in their eyes, not just mothers,” while crying.)

The NCFM has also sued the San Diego Repertory Theater for offering half-price tickets for women, seven night clubs for hosting ladies’ nights and a women-in-business networking event for including only women. As NCFM president Henry Crouch wrote on the group’s website, “Turning men away from the event, treating them like second-class citizens, is bizarrely hypocritical and without question unequal.”

Crouch? More like Grouch, amirite? Anyway, he got the “bizarrely hypocritical” part right.