Kim Davis Is Just Like Martin Luther King, Says Kim Davis’ Lawyers

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, Kim Davis’ lawyers sent out an email to Liberty Counsel supporters containing an excerpt from King’s “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” and comparing her to Dr. King.

P.S. Dr. King was a highly principled man and firmly held to his convictions until his untimely death.

Today, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis stands as an example to all of us as a person of conviction who was jailed for her principled resistance to an unjust law. Yet, the Lord has restored her in ways she couldn’t have imagined!

While no one wants conflict, we have no choice but to resist an unjust law, particularly one that will force us to participate in acts that directly conflict with the Natural and Revealed Law.

You know what? Sure! Dr. King and Kim Davis are both people who held to their convictions, but I’m gonna say that’s where the similarity ends. Dr. King was fighting for people to have rights, and Kim Davis was fighting against people having rights that she felt personally inconvenienced her and her beliefs. Lots of people have convictions! Hell, there are people who have convictions that all heads of state are secret lizard people! I have a conviction that cottage cheese is the grossest substance known to man. Having convictions does not make you Martin Luther King.

Also, the law is not unjust, and there is no such thing as “Natural and Revealed Law.” Kim Davis was not standing up to injustice, she was trying to perpetuate it.There is a very important difference there.

[Right Wing Watch]