14 Essential Accessories for Your Roe v. Wade Anniversary Party

I am not saying that you have to host a Roe v.s. Wade anniversary party, but if you are looking for a reason to throw a fete after you’ve tossed out your Festivus tree, but before you start scattering little red hearts all around the living room, than I suggest you slap on your uterus skirt (no, really) and start planning for January 22nd.

uterus skirt

Let’s be honest, if we are going to roll out the red carpet (yes, I see what I did there) for anything, there’s really no better reason than honouring the landmark decision of 1973 that made abortion a legal right across the United States. The ruling was responsible for striking down some heinously antiquated laws that made abortion care inaccessible (jazz hands!). We don’t have to take a “Go Big or Go Home” approach with our Roe vs Wade Anniversary parties, but even the smallest celebrations need a little something, something.

If you’re going to make this a screening party (and if you don’t mind dusting off that VHS player that’s at the back of your mom’s closet), the first accessory I advise you to pick up is the 1989 Roe vs Wade film starring Holly Hunter and paying dramatic homage to the original court case. Other good options for movies that would be a perfect anchor to an “Reproductive Freedoms Are Cool” Movie Night, include: Obvious Child, Vessel and Citizen Ruth.

Speaking of Ruth, I don’t think a Roe vs Wade Anniversary party would be complete without a little bit of RBG. This current Justice of SCOTUS embodies the original ruling of Roe v Wade, while adding nuanced intersectional elements to the abortion debate.

Notorious RBG T-Shirt

This Ruth Ginsberg shirt would be a perfect door prize at your party, or consider tossing in a few of these RBG buttons into your guest’s loot bags (obviously you need to have a loot bag at your Roe vs Wade Anniversary party).

notorious rbg pins


This little pro-choice pin set won’t just amp up your Roe vs Wade outfit, it’s an accessory that you can wear every day. The intersectionally aware statements on any of these four pins make great conversation starters when riding public transit.

pro choice pins
CREDIT: Fabulously Feminist

And you’re going to need your own t-shirt to go with that snazzy uterus skirt, so can I suggest this one by KillThePatriachy

abortion on demand tshirt

And it wouldn’t it look so good with this mug?

pro choice mug

And while you sit around with your pals toasting the she-roes of reproductive rights and eating some vulva cupcakes (in direct opposition to anti-choice cupcake day)…

vulva cupcakes
CREDIT: ZeitCities


You can use this decorative pillow for lumbar support, because we all know that thanks to our global commitment to patriarchal systems of oppression we continue to see concentrated attempts to repeal reproductive freedoms.

patriarchal bullshit pillow
CREDIT: Look Human



You probably don’t want to live tweet your Roe vs Wade Anniversary Party, without accessorizing your iPhone! This “Stand With Wendy” honours one of our contemporary abortion rights leaders, while protecting your phone when you accidentally drop it in the feminist party punch.

stand with wendy iphone case

Accent nails count as a totally legit accessory, you could attend any pro-choice soiree adorned with this little treat, or go wild with a full fist of feisty fingers.

feminist nail art


If you like to bring your bling in the form of jewellery, than this little “No Uterus, No Opinion” necklace feels particularly apt for any party, and pairs so well with these sterling silver vulva ear studs.

no uterus no opinion necklace
CREDIT: Femmearchist


vulva earrings
CREDIT: SuKeates Jewellery


And why stop at adorning your body, if you pick up enough of this pro-choice poster, you could easily wallpaper the party room in your local church’s basement. You could also add this totally relevant “feminist killjoy” banner, because bringing up reproductive rights is always such a buzzkill, arguably almost as bad as, say, lack of bodily agency.



feminist killjoy banner
CREDIT: naiteru

And for that accessory that never stops giving, you can join me in adding some pro-choice tattoo art to your body. I am a pretty big fan of the “never again” coat hanger, but here are a bunch of others.

hanger tattoo

No matter how you accessorize on January 22nd, take a minute (or ten) to think about the millions of women who were forced to seek out unsafe or criminalized abortions; find time to hold space for those forced into motherhood when what they really wanted was free and accessible abortion care. Think of the women who have fought for what we have now, and those who continue to raise their voices, because we aren’t there yet.