100 People Will Share Personal Abortion Stories In Livestream Today

In a six-hour livestream today, over 100 people will share their personal stories about abortion, to commemorate the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The line-up is set to include politicians like Wendy Davis, Rep. Barbara Lee and Rep. Tim Ryan, celebrities like Liz Winstead, activists like Amelia Bonow, and regular women like Suzanne Dalton of Texas, who had to travel over 150 miles in order to obtain an abortion due to the restrictive laws in her state.

The event is hosted by the 1 In 3 Campaign–so named for the statistic that one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. The stories told will highlight the necessity of legal abortion in real people’s lives. You can watch the livestream on their site or on YouTube from 12pm EST-6pm EST.

The speakout is being held in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to review a Texas law that would require nearly all the clinics in the state to close, and is meant to serve as something of a a “people’s brief” against the law.