This Australian Job Listing Keeps It Real In The Worst Way Possible

If you think you have the worst job ever, sorry, that title has already been claimed. A recent listing for a Senior Digital Producer position in Australia is now the reigning champ.

The right candidate would be “managing a bunch of lazy egotistic creatives and developers,” alongside “clients who are constantly annoyed.” As far as amenities go, they wont even pay for beers on Friday, so don’t even ask about a ping-pong table. They don’t come right out and say this, but the tone suggests that a superior might also try to sleep with your significant other.

Mashable confirmed that this was a real ad and spoke with the author of the author of it, Julien Viard, who has been a digital recruiter for eight years.

“If you look at ads on Seek, I find that a lot of ads are overselling jobs, and very few ads give you a actual insight into what the job is. So I decided to go for the complete opposite,” Viard said.

Though he claims people coming in to interview have had a great sense of humor about it, I wouldn’t trade fair pay for a good gag. The pros down under might value honesty a little too much for my tastes.