Bernie Sanders Might Be Side-Eyeing His Way To The Democratic Nomination

Gender stereotypes may suggest that Hilary Clinton would be doing most of side-eyeing, but Bernie Sanders had this game on lock during Sunday night’s debates. This might very well be the face of the next president, as many people think it’s what clinched the win for him in the last debate before the Iowa caucuses.

The expression was in response to Clinton bringing up his past criticisms The Commander-in-Chief:

“He’s criticized President Obama for taking donations from Wall Street, and President Obama has led our country out of the Great Recession,” Clinton said of her opponent. “Senator Sanders called him weak, disappointing. He even, in 2011, publicly sought someone to run in a primary against President Obama.” Sanders’ simultaneous reaction said plenty.

Let that be a lesson to Clinton and anyone else going up against Sanders — if you’re going to throw stones, he’s gonna throw shade. He might not be the first candidate to utilize the Internet, but he could be the first one to run a successful campaign of reaction GIFs.