Passenger Brings His ‘Emotional Support Turkey’ On A Flight

Who says dogs and cats are the only support animals out there? Why can’t we become attached to reptilian skin-tagged domesticated fowl?

We don’t know who the fellow is who brought his support Turkey onboard his Delta flight, but wherever you are sir I hope you know that we at The Frisky fully support you.

The documentation of this turkey journey was posted by Reddit user biggestlittlepickle.

In 1986, Congress passed the Air Carrier Access Act, allowing service animals to fly on planes and ensuring they can’t be removed simply on the grounds that other passengers object. It is particularly geared towards allowing service dogs for the blind of course, however it includes emotional or therapeutic support as well. And that includes this lucky turkey. Passengers require documentation from a mental health professional before taking their creatures on board.

Many airline executives say that people are definitely abusing the laws, however, if they fail to honor a service animal they face serious fines.

I say the more the merrier.

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