A Witch Claims She Can Cure Computer Viruses With Her Magic

The honorable Reverend Joey Talley, is an ordained Wiccan minister in the state of California and claims that she has used her powers to cure computers of malware. Talley uses a number of techniques, ranging from burning sage around the computer to placing various stones and crystals near devices.

I mean I’m no expert but I can’t say I wouldn’t give this a go if I was in a desperate or financially compromised situation, right?

Rev Joey told Motherboard that “There are different stones that work really well on computers, fluoride is one of them. Also, some people really like amethyst for computers. Sometimes I do a magic spell or tape a magic charm onto the computer somewhere. Sometimes I have a potion for the worker to spray on the chair before they sit down to work.”

Actual experts say that this is all hogwash, but I’m willing to bet that Talley has done better than some of that useless anti-virus software out there amirite?

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