Satirical Chinese Twitter Hilariously Covers The GOP Debate

Last night’s GOP debate fulfilled the fervent prophecies of providing horrific moments, both terrifying and confusing non-sequiturs, and a bleak look at what could be our future if a GOP candidate is voted into office.

Luckily for those of us clamoring for a comedic lens through which to cope with this political shit-show, the Chinese political satire twitter The Relevant Organs covered the debate brilliantly. The tweets were all framed from the perspective of satirized Chinese Communist Party Officials desperately trying to piece together what was actually happening.

Their running bit claiming this was “America on Trial” feels painfully accurate.

The scathing connections made between Chinese politics and the GOP killed it.

They also threw in some cultural zingers.

My favorite aspect of their tweets was the rebranding of Donald Trump as The Orange Defendant.

I recommend you visit their twitter and read all the tweets for yourself. Also, if you’re looking for a humorous and comprehensive look at last night’s atrocity, go here.