How Much Do You Desire This $100 Rusty Trash Can From Anthropologie?

Erstwhile fans of shabby-chic and paying lots of money for things you could ostensibly get for free or very very cheap–your prayers have been answered!

Anthropologie is selling this glorious rusty trash can–marketed as the “West Village Corrugated Can“–for the low, low price of $100–down from the also quite reasonable price of $148. The can is offered in two styles, rope handled and wood handled–although either will go fabulously with the $1200 cardboard box sidetable Anthro will likely be offering this coming Spring. According to the details listed on the website, the trash can is “imported”–probably from some exotic land where everyone keeps large metal trash cans in their homes.

The really exciting thing is of course that when people come into your apartment, and see your $100 Anthropologie trash can, they can have an opportunity to do a fabulously earnest Bette Davis impersonation. Which, let me just say, there is rarely enough opportunity for.

Of course, for you peasants who cannot afford such glorious luxury items, you could always buy this metal trashcan for $26 and then leave it outside for a couple weeks during a rainy season. But it wouldn’t really be the same, now would it?

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