Great Moments In Utter Bullshit At The Sixth GOP Debate

One of the grand traditions of post-presidential debate coverage is the morning-after fact check. We like to take it a step further and address not just the “facts” candidates got wrong, but also the ways in which they were totally trying to bullshit you during the sixth GOP presidential debate.

1. “If you’re a farmer, if you’re a rancher, if you are small business owner, the death tax is gone.”– Ted Cruz

Unless you are an incredibly rich farmer, rancher, or small business owner, the estate tax is not going to affect you or your loved ones when you die.

One of the greatest scams the GOP has pulled on the American people is trying to change the name of the Estate Tax to the Death Tax. Why? Because if you called it the Estate Tax, people who don’t have “estates” would realize it didn’t apply to them. It’s not as though everyone who dies is taxed. The way it works, is that if you are a very rich person and you wish to leave your children an inheritance, that money is taxed a bit.

This is meant, actually, to encourage the mega-rich to spread their money out a little more rather than just leave it all to their families. There’s a really good reason for this–if that wasn’t the case, we’d eventually be left in a position where even more of the money in the country was not recirculating and was just being held by rich inheritors who were not contributing to our economy or working. This would mean that eventually, the balance of wealth in our country would diminish even further. Given that we’re already in a situation where 1% of our population controls 42.2 percent of our wealth, we can’t afford to let them have even more. Sorry!

2. “And if you tax cuts — if you cut taxes for corporations, and you cut taxes for individuals, you’re going to make things move, particularly the corporate tax, which is the highest, of course, in the — in the world.”–John Kasich

We’ve got a situation right now where CEOs, on average, make 300 times more than the average employee–as compared to the ’60s when they made an average of 20 times more, and the ’70s when they made a little less than 30 times more. In what fantasy world are we going to cut taxes for corporations and see that money go to anyone but the people who are already crazy rich?

To boot, the average citizen benefits more from the things taxes take care of than rich people do. Rich people don’t have to worry about how much money their public schools are getting, because they can afford to send their kids to private schools. They don’t have to be concerned about Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security. Duh.

3. “Well first of all, the idea that somehow we’re better off today than the day that Barack Obama was inaugurated president of the United States is totally an alternative universe.”–Jeb Bush

Oh, honey, no. We are definitely 100% better off than when your brother was in office. Like, so much better. That was terrible. Don’t even try to pretend otherwise.

4. “Any country that makes U.S. service members get on their knees like the 10 sailors whose boats were boarded and seized by the Iranian military this week will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America.”–Ted Cruz

The candidates made a lot of this incident last night, without noting that the short-lived crisis was due to the sailors having made a navigation error and accidentally steered their boats into sovereign Iran waters.

As the AP notes:

Under such circumstances it would not be unusual to disarm members of a foreign military force — even a small one like the two Navy boats — and hold them temporarily for questioning. What was exceptional about this episode — and perhaps a provocation — is that the Iranians videotaped the Americans during the encounter and posted the images on the Internet.

Yes, it was not nice of the Iranians to videotape that. It would not, however, be a really good reason to go to war. We don’t need to send any Americans to their death over this. Some 18-year-old poor kid from Iowa really does not need to lose his life over something like this.

5. “I’ve been for pausing on admitting the Syrian refugees. And the reasons why I’ve done that is I don’t believe we have a good process of being able to vet them.”–John Kasich, also pretty much all of them

Here’s the deal–WE VET THE HELL OUT OF REFUGEES. It takes actual years. It is the most difficult way to come into this country. If someone just wanted to come here to commit a terrorist act, it would be about 10,000 times easier to come literally any other way. Like on a regular plane, taking a trip to Disneyland.

6. “When I look at the migration, I looked at the line, I said it actually on your show recently, where are the women? It looked like very few women. Very few children. Strong, powerful men, young and people are looking at that and they’re saying what’s going on?”–Donald Trump

This, again, was in reference to Syrian refugees. This has been repeatedly discredited as false. The vast, vast majority of refugees are women and children–particularly in the United States. Only slightly more than 2% of the 2000 refugees we have taken in have been men of fighting age. Sorry dude.

7. And by the way, the police are the most mistreated people in this country. I will tell you that.– Donald Trump


8. “And listen, there are many, many wonderful, wonderful working men and women in the state of New York. But everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro- gay-marriage, focus around money and the media.”–Ted Cruz

Many people called this out, quite correctly, as Ted Cruz trying to find a way around saying “Jewish.” Come on–New York, the Media, socially liberal…money? He couldn’t have been more obvious about it if he threw in something about the Rothschilds, the “War on Christmas” and “ZOG.”

However, I’d like to point out an important thing here. When people live in a city, they live in very close proximity to all different kinds of people and get to know them. This does lead to being more socially liberal, because it would be pretty inconvenient to have to be all frustrated about other people having rights if they happen to be your neighbors. You can’t be upset about a trans person or a non-Christian person existing, or married gay people, or whomever if they’re the one you’re asking to water your plants while you’re on vacation.

Thus, I would say that New York Values, and the values of other major cities, are actually pretty damned awesome. Maybe if more Americans could get to know other Americans, we wouldn’t be fighting these social justice battles for as long as we have to.