Woman Batters Fiancee Over Re-Gifted Engagement Ring

A Florida woman allegedly descended into a rage spiral earlier this week, when she discovered her engagement ring had been re-gifted. According to police, the incident began when Inga Daftartiene saw a photo of her fiancee’s ex-girlfriend wearing the ring on Facebook. She then began attacking her betrothed Bengt Nyquist with a “metal object,” leaving bruising on his face and arms.

How Daftartiene managed to overpower Nyquist is unspecified in the Smoking Gun’s report. We can only assume she experienced the sort of superhuman adrenaline rush that mothers go through when defending their young, only more extreme, because, seriously, who re-gifts a goddamn engagement ring?

Daftartiene is currently free on $500 bond under the condition she make refrain from contacting Nyguist via metal object or otherwise.