Pretty Girls Get Better Grades Because They’re Pretty

A new study from the Metropolitan State University of Denver has found that pretty girls get higher grades because they’re pretty.

Using attractiveness ratings of student ID photos, researchers tested the outcome of in-person courses (where professors can observe appearance) compared with those conducted online and concluded that prettiness is not “a proxy for productive traits.” Or, in other words, “no, LOL, pretty people aren’t smarter than you.” (Obviously, male professors were more likely than female professors to give prettier girls higher grades, because life is unfair and men can be gross.)

Studies have shown that report cards are not the only place where looks matter. As NPR noted: “Better-looking people tend to make more money. They are more liked and trusted by others. They marry other good-looking people who are also better educated than average.”

In conclusion, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, as long as you go to the University of Phoenix.