Planned Parenthood Shooter Says He Will Plead Guilty, Claims To Be Sane And Coherent

Robert Lewis Dear, the man who shot up a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood last year and considers himself a “warrior for the babies,” says that he will plead guilty to the 179 felony counts he is charged with, which include first-degree murder.

Dear told KCNC-TV reporter Rick Salinger on Wednesday that he plans to act as his own lawyer, “Well, I’m just an honest man and I believe I’m guilty so I am just going to plead guilty. I’d say that they are going to execute me.”

Colorado has only executed one person, rapist and murderer Gary Lee Davis in 1997, since reinstating the death penalty in 1978.

Dear says the shooting wasn’t planned,“It wasn’t planned, as far as that goes. It was just a spur of the moment that… okay. They wanted, they wanted to slay, to come for me, they wanted to start a war, and so that’s why I did it.” He claims that the FBI had been tracking him, and that 10 agents had followed him to his trailer that morning.

“I felt like they were going to get me and so I am going to pick where I want to make my last stand. And I picked Planned Parenthood because it’s murdering little babies,” he told Salinger.

He claims he has been tracked by the FBI since 1993 due to his criticism of the ATF’s handling of the Waco siege–which has involved agents invading his home and “cutting holes in his belongings.”

Dear has refused an order by El Paso County District Court Judge Gilbert Martinez that he undergo a psychological assessment meant to determine whether or not he is mentally competent enough to represent himself. He told Salinger, “I’m coherent and I’m sane. Why would I want to open Pandora’s Box and start answering all their questions that they can twist around and say ‘he’s not’?” He said he wanted the interview and phone call to provide a record of him being coherent.

We are all horrified and appalled by Robert Lewis Dear’s actions, and saddened by the loss of three lives. But as much as he may want to believe he is competent, there is almost no way that is the case–and he should absolutely not be allowed to represent himself.

H/T RawStory