Just Try And Resist This High-Heeled Church, Unreligious Ladies

Today in “things for women,” Taiwan’s Jaiyi County has blessed the world with a church shaped like a high heel. Indeed, Huanqiu.com reports that the 55 ft tall place of worship made of 320 pieces of blue glass was created to attract female worshippers, because, besides vaginas, what could be more womanly than shoes? And no one wants a vagina church.

It is yet unclear what type of church it is exactly, but that’s a detail, really, noo more consequential than what the Daily Mail calls the “female-oriented features” of the building, such as seats for lovers, maple leaves, biscuits and cakes. Spokesperson Zheng Rongfeng has said the church will open on February 8th, right in time for both Instagrams and religious revelations centered around the Chinese New Year.

No formal reports have been made regarding whether this is actually viral marketing for “Sex And The City 3: A Woman’s Right To Shoes The Movie.”