I Swear To God, Hoverboards Are Going To Kill Us All

Guys, I’m telling you, hoverboards are after us. They took down Brandi Glanville, they took down Mike Tyson, they don’t hover, and now they’re just straight-up exploding. YouTube user BuleBritish was doing an unboxing video, he took it out to test it, it didn’t do anything for a  few minutes, and then it just straight-up EXPLODED.

Are you not concerned about these things yet? I swear to god they’re sentient. I swear they were created by the Illuminati to wipe out the unworthy 95 percent of the population. Do your own research. We all thought it was going to be disease or global warming that was going to wipe us out, but nope, it’s gonna be consumerism and hoverboards. Back to the Future was agitprop meant to lull us into wanting hoverboards at any cost. You’ve been warned!


[Perez Hilton]
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