Adam Lambert’s Going To Be In Rocky Horror With Laverne Cox, It’s Gonna Be SO GAY!!

Extraordinarily cute person and great singer Adam Lambert will be filling out the cast for FOX’s live TV production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, co-starring as Eddie, Columbia’s dead/undead, motorcycle-riding paramour. He’s been cast alongside Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank N. Furter, Victoria Justice (of Victorious) as Janet, Ryan McCartan (a stage actor) as Brad, Reeve Carney (Penny Dreadful) as Riff Raff, and Staz Nair (of being hot and the upcoming season of Game of Thrones) as Rocky.

Adam Lambert and Laverne Cox? IT’S GONNA BE SO GAY, GUYS.

Cox also teased a little bit of info about the production this week, like that director Kenny Ortega (who directed and choreographed a bunch of the High School Musicals, as well as choreographing Xanadu, Dirty Dancing, and To Wong Foo) is updating the fashion for the production, and that she has been dancing her gorgeous self silly over the last few weeks.

I could not possibly be more excited. Hot patootie, bless my soul!



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