Ted Cruz’s Creepy New Campaign Ad Features Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

Ted Cruz has released a new campaign ad featuring the endorsement of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson–who believes that black people were happier before the civil rights movement, that AIDS is god’s punishment for gay people, and who has also equated gay people with terrorists.

In the ad, Robertson lists his qualifications for getting his endorsement–“Is he or she godly? Does he or she love us? Can he or she do the job? And finally, would they kill a duck and put’em on a pot and make a good duck gumbo?”

Anyone remember the last time a President was voted into office on the basis of people wanting to have a beer with him? Now we’re supposed to vote on the basis of duck hunting? I’m not so sure, Phil Robertson. I’m not so sure. Especially given what happened the last time we had someone in the White House who was fond of hunting.

Also not sure we want anyone in the White House who is going to be hanging around someone like Phil Robertson. We’re a diverse nation, and hanging around with someone who says awful things like that about our citizens isn’t terribly presidential.

For his part, Cruz mostly just awkwardly hangs in the background in a full camo outfit, and then joins Robertson to shoot a duck.

Cruz released a statement expressing his joy at being endorsed by Robertson–who, again, thinks God invented AIDS to punish gay people.

“The Robertsons are a strong family of great Christian faith and conservative values. Phil’s story of starting off with something small and working hard to achieve the American dream is inspiring. Much like my parents, and many other Americans, who started a small business and worked hard to provide for our family. If we as conservatives come together in 2016 and fight for the values that have made this country exceptional, we will win the White House and turn this country around.”