People Are Suing Lip Balm Brand EOS For Allegedly Causing Rashes And Blisters

Several people are suing lip balm brand EOS, claiming that use of their product caused blistering and rashes.

Rachel Cronin has filed a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming that use of the product has caused burning, blistering, bleeding and rashes within hours after application. According to TMZ:

[Cronin] says within hours of applying the balm, her lips felt like sandpaper, so she applied it again. She claims her lips started cracking, flaking and bleeding, creating blisters and rashes which lasted 10 days.

EOS, for those unfamiliar, is the lip balm housed in the weird orb that look like alien eggs. Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears love it or at least are paid to say so. It’s not very moisturizing, but its shape lends itself to being easy to find in a crowded bag. It’s also the perfect size for rolling under your bed and into that scary corner, to die a peaceful death next to giant tumbleweeds of cat hair and a thousand bobby pins.

It’s also not really the best lip balm out there, as many users attest. This beauty blogger posted horrifying pictures of her lips after using EOS, writing “these babies are going in the trash ASAP!” The best place to find the unfettered opinions of the general public, however, is the customer review section of any online beauty retailer. Sephora’s generally a good place to start, but I find that the Ulta customer base really gets it.

A woman who identifies herself as “gloss queen” writes in a review for the EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm in “Summer Fruit”:

“when i first applied,this item was so thick,it wouldnt even smooth onto my lips! I had to heat it with my blowdrier for a whole minute just to get some product on my mouth.It didnt feel moisturizing,and actually burned my lips.”

Her recommendation for best uses for this product is as “a ball to throw at enemy.” Bless her heart. As for other reports from users that cite mold appearing halfway through their tubs, Snopes got to the bottom of that. An EOS representative suggested that to prevent mold, the product should avoid contact with water, similar to a Gremlin.

So, throw away your EOS lip balms! Banish them to the trash and just use coconut oil instead.