Alert: The Puppy Bowl Will Be Broadcast In Virtual Reality This Year

While overpaid men grunt and run on a field in Santa Clara this year at Super Bowl 50, Animal Planet rounds up a shitload of really cute puppies and puts them on a gridiron covered in advertising , so they can run around and do…something. This is great enough as it is, but imagine those puppies –84 this year — in cool-as-hell VR. Virtual reality puppies. Running all over the place. All over your face. And, you can watch it right now, instead of having to wait two weeks and fight your sister for the TV during the Super Bowl. Everyone wins!

This year, Animal Planet is grabbing technology and innovation by the horns and running full steam ahead by presenting this year’s Puppy Bowl in VR. You can watch all of that here.

“Look around,” says the announcer. “There are puppies literally everywhere around you.” Find that Google Cardboard you got and didn’t know what to do with and get right in the middle of the action. You. 84 puppies. Imagine.


Correction: This post has been updated to reflect the news that the VR broadcast of the Puppy Bowl is already available. It will NOT be broadcast in VR on the day of the Super Bowl.