Watch: Hillary Clinton’s Half-Answer About White Privilege At Iowa Black and Brown Forum

Last night at Fusion’s Iowa Black and Brown Forum, the Democratic candidates sat down with Alicia Melendez, Rembert Browne, Akilah Hughes and Jorge Ramos to answer questions posed to them by a constituency that all three of them are pretty desperate to secure: black and brown millennials.

Bernie Sanders charmed, as he does. Martin O’Malley tried his best. And Hillary Clinton, who they trotted out at the end, did all right, but she kind of botched this very prescient question about white privilege, from an audience member.

Clinton was asked to “give an example from your life or career when you think you’ve benefited from white privilege, which is a tricky and important question to ask any white person, but especially an older white person under enormous pressure to be both likable and competent.

Hillary started out by listing the ways in which her privilege has manifested itself — good schools, supportive family, a solid education, a middle class upbringing — and then didn’t really have that much time to answer the rest of the question. But hey, she tried, right?