Rand Paul Gets Booted From Prime Time Debate, Decides To Be Petulant About It

Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina have both been bumped from Thursday’s prime-time Fox Business-hosted presidential campaign debate, and instead of acting, you know, presidential about it, Paul has opted to get petulant. Fox moved Paul and Fiorina to the “undercard” debate, but Paul, affronted by having to play by the same rules as all the other candidates, has decided to boycott it instead of participating.

According to the latest polls, Paul is attracting a grand total of three percent of Republican voters, two percent in Iowa, and four percent in New Hampshire. The qualification for the debate is that the six leading candidates are guaranteed a place on the stage, plus any candidate who was polling in the top five in Iowa or New Hampshire. Paul and Fiorina don’t meet those requirements, so off they (finally) go.

But Paul thinks that this is unfair, telling the Washington Post, “I’m not willing to accept a designation as a minor campaign. We’ve raised $25 million. We’ve gotten on the ballot on every state. It’s kind of ridiculous to arbitrarily rate the campaigns based on national polling.” Oh, sure. Who cares about the will of the people? It’s donors who really matter in an oligarchy democracy.

In a GOP race that’s been marked by candidates acting like total babies, Paul’s whining really isn’t much of a surprise. Fiorina hasn’t commented, but it appears she’ll be self-preserving better than Paul and taking her place in the undercard debate.

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