PSA: Koalas Sound Like Demons Sent From The Pits Of Hell

Koalas are great. Koalas are cute. They sit in trees and eat eucalyptus. They have noses shaped like unshelled Brazil nuts and look like they’d go great in a backpack or in your handbag. They seem like pleasant dinner guests. They look like they’d be fun at a cocktail party.

All of these are irrefutable truths, moving koalas up in the rankings of “best animals to spend a day and a half with, somewhere outside and fun.” But, koalas make noises that sound like they’ve been summoned from the pits of hell, dragged by their fluffy tails and forced to perform manual labor against their will.

Witness this firsthand as this baby koala screams at the top of his lungs after another koala kicks him out of that tree he was just trying to hang in.

It is terrifying. They are terrifying. I had no idea.