Ohio Fugitive Texts Police A Selfie To Replace Unflattering Mugshot, Clearly Has Priorities Straight

Ohio fugitive Donald “Chip” Pugh decided to take matters into his own hands after seeing an unflattering mugshot and texted the Lima, OH police a selfie to replace it. Because: #priorities.

Pugh’s got a warrant out for his arrest for failure to appear, and he’s a person of interest in arson and vandalism cases, according to a Lima PD Facebook post. The best thing about all of this, of course, is the comments thread (“Carlton from Fresh Prince looks rough”). When people questioned whether all the photos in the post pictured the same person, the Lima PD replied:

“They are the same person one is just an older BMV photo. I’d like to think we can get that right lol”

Um, “lol”?? What kind of PD is this? Who’s in charge of their social media? Get outta here. They also thanked Pugh for being “helpful” but encouraged him to come in and speak to officers, which he clearly has no intention of doing.

Well, more power to him and his personal brand or whatever he’s trying to do here, and good luck to the Lima PD, who by and large also seem to be having a pretty good time with the whole thing.


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