Kim Davis Will Attend President Obama’s State Of The Union Tonight, Because Anything Is Possible

When Kim Davis made her way out of jail after denying marriage licenses to same sex couples, many of us hoped  she’d find her way into immediate obscurity. But she continued to pop up, messing with licensing forms and meeting with Pope Francis. Now, thanks to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Davis will be attending the State Of The Union address this evening, The Washington Examiner reported.

Davis’ invite from on behalf of this right-wing Christian organization was a response to President Obama’s inclusion of Jim Obergefell, the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that resulted in the federal legalization of gay marriage. However, Obergefell will be watching the SoTU in Michelle Obama’s personal box, along with 23 others who all “represent the progress we have made since the president first delivered this speech seven years ago,” according to the White House.

If progress is what get’s you into the good seats, you can probably find Kim Davis in the nosebleed section. How she’ll wear her hair is anyone’s guess, but you can watch The State of the Union tonight, Tuesday January 12 at 9 p.m. EST, and see for yourself.