Deadpool: This Year’s Must-See Valentine’s Day Rom-Com

Oh, no, no! Deadpool isn’t an action movie about a mutant anti-hero who can’t die! Deadpool is a rom-com! That’s why Ryan Reynolds is in it! Honest. I swear. So does Ryan Reynolds. See?

New Line has been having a lot of fun with Deadpool’s marketing, and so has Ryan Reynolds, who even wore his costume to trick-or-treat with his kids this past October. Now there’s a billboard that posits the movie as a rom-com with the fake tagline “True love never dies.” Har har.

A few people have said that this is a get-your-girlfriend-to-go tactic, but seriously? I think plenty of women are itching to see this movie already. For one thing, Ryan Reynolds. For another, did you know that Hispanic women over 25 are the largest audience for summer action movies? And sure, Deadpool is being released on Valentine’s Day (i.e. not exactly summer), but nonetheless, women make up at least 40 percent of the audience for most action movies.

Let’s just call a duck a duck and say that Deadpool’s marketing team is great, the billboard is hilarious, and there’s clearly something for everyone in this movie.

[Perez Hilton]
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