Qatar Bans The Danish Girl Over “Moral Depravity”

The government of Qatar has banned the new Eddie Redmayne film The Danish Girl from screening in the country, following protests about its “moral depravity.” In the film, Redmayne plays Lili Elbe, one of the first women in the world to undergo sex reassignment surgery. An employee at a Doha theater complained to the Qatari government, and the culture ministry announced on Twitter that the film had been banned.

A note: Islam is indeed the state religion of Qatar, and I’ll also point out that Christians in America have expressed the same moral disgust over The Danish Girl and the existence of transgender people in general. Meanwhile, atheist Ricky Gervais made unfunny transphobic jokes at Caitlyn Jenner’s expense at the Golden Globes last night. And, on the other hand, Bedayaa in Egypt and Sudan is doing good work to support LGBT Muslims; there are Baptist, Mennonite, Lutheran, and various other Christian resources for the LGBT community; and, of course, there are various secular organizations for trans people. So just to pre-empt criticism, it seems to be a matter of free speech more than an inherent matter of faith.

Unfortunately for the nominees, The Danish Girl didn’t win any Golden Globes last night, but Redmayne’s performance is said to be Oscar-worthy. It’s too bad that anyone will miss out on it.


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