Nicki Minaj And Farrah Abraham Really Got After It On Twitter This Weekend

Sundays are a good day for drinking copious amounts of wine, staring into the middle distance and folding your laundry. They’re also a great day for catching up on your stories, whatever they may be, or starting inadvertent beef with people t. This, presumably, is what Nicki Minaj was doing when she tweeted a casual observation about Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham and her relationship with her mother.

Anyone who’s seen even one episode of the first season of this program understands that this sentiment is…rude, yes, but, kind of true? Maybe?

Well, whatever you think, Farrah Abraham certainly disagrees. Here’s the rest of this mess.

To Nicki’s credit, this is a pretty good point, and salient advice for everyone, just saying.

Wake, pray, slay. indeed.