Jennifer Lawrence Yelled At Reporter For Reading Off His Phone

America’s internet sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence made waves last night when she yelled at a reporter for looking at his phone, telling him to “be in the moment.”

It’s 100% obnoxious to be constantly surrounded by people unable to unglue themselves from their phones for even a moment of interaction, and in the case of interview questions it can seem downright unprofessional.

But, it feels a little sanctimonious to demand someone “be present” at The Golden Globes, which is literally an award show dedicated to documenting and showing off the outfits and accomplishments of actors. If there’s any event where phones will be out, it’s the fucking Golden Globes. This wasn’t exactly an intimate interview scenario, or a conversation between old friends.

The reporter in question was from Latin American E! Network, so many people assumed the reporter was reading notes off his phone, possibly translating questions.

According to other reporters in the room, the exchange was followed by laughter. According to some present, the reporter wasn’t translating questions. Instead, they say,  he was fucking around with his camera and deserved the guff.

Gotta hear both sides, I guess?