In Which I Review Kourtney Kardashian’s Kit-Kat Eating Method

Kourtney Kardashian let the world in on her weird way of eating a Kit-Kat via her app last night. It’s very involved and kind of weird, but I appreciate involved, weird food quirks, so I thought I’d give it a try and tell you if the method lives up Kourtney’s promise that you’ll never eat a Kit-Kat another way again.

I tried it on both a regular Kit-Kat and on a Kit-Kat Extra Crispy. It was for science. Here are the results, step-by-step:


1. Break off one piece of Kit-Kat.

First of all, let me point out that Kourtney spends an awful lot of time opening the package very carefully. I assume this is because she wants to wrap it back up for later consumption. I wasn’t this careful, and I regret it.


2. Eat the ends without eating the wafers.

Kit-Kat chocolate on its own is basically sugary wax. It’s kind of gross. You’d think this would be the best part, but it’s decidedly not. As a note of technique, to eat the chocolate on the ends without eating a chunk of the wafer, you have to position your teeth just so on the end of the Kit-Kat and then sort of lever the chocolate off with your bottom teeth.


3. Eat the chocolate on the sides.

This is much easier than the ends, but it’s still mostly chocolate.


4. Separate the top layer off and it eat.

The combo of sugar-wax and wafer is about a million times better than the chocolate by itself. I think breaking the top layer off in one go takes some practice; mine had to come off in two goes.

5. Separate the bottom layer and eat it.

Kourtney says in the video, “By the way, this tastes so much better. Like, I would never even dream to eat a Kit-Kat and just bite into it.” I agree with this assessment: This way, you get to experience all of the nuanced textures of a Kit-Kat. It really makes a difference.

6. Eat the middle part.

Kourtney claims that this is the best part of a Kit-Kat. I concur. The chocolate is clearly the inferior part of the Kit-Kat bar. The middle of the Kit-Kat bar tastes like the great, crunchy part of cinnamon toast without all the chewy bread meat. Kourt’s right: I won’t go back.

Now, I also tried it with a double-the-wafer Kit-Kat Extra Crispy.


As you can see, Kit-Kat Extra Crispy has double the wafer and about double the chocolate. It’s pretty intense.

The chocolate was way easier to lever off, but then you’re stuck with that mass of sugar-wax in your mouth, and honestly, it’s a little too much.


You do get more of the wafer part, which you’d think would be a bonus. And don’t get me wrong, it’s tasty. It’s just that having two or three times as much wafer kind of drives home how very dry the wafer part is.

So, all in all, Kourtney’s right: Deconstructing a Kit-Kat bar makes it better, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing; skip the Extra Crispy and stick with the classic.
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