Hillary Clinton Now Plays Air Guitar With Ellen And Has Lena Dunham Run Her Instagram

Regardless of how you feel about Hillary Clinton’s politics, you’ve gotta give her credit for dealing with the incredible amount of hate and contradictory pressure to present herself as “chill” and “likable” while continually proving herself as qualified to run for president.

In her more recent attempts to connect with the public at large, Hillary appeared on the Ellen Show (the full clip will air Monday), where she played a game of “Heads Up” which involved Ellen and her charading everything from taking selfies to playing air guitar.

Not only did Hillary ham it up with Ellen, but this past weekend she had Lena Dunham run her Instagram showcasing another way in which Hillary is trying expand her image beyond the political.

Policywise I don’t align with Hillary for the most part — I’m feeling the Bern myself— but her obvious attempt at appealing to the public is very relatable. As a woman who’s straddling the gendered line of both chillness and perfection, her publicity stunts makes me both like her more, and feel a tinge of sadness.

Her husband Bill, whose politics were nearly the same as his wife, was not placed under the same weighty scrutiny when running.  As much as people want to dismiss the Hillary-hate under some faux-moralistic guise of her actual politics, there is a great deal of sexism at play that knows no policy.

That being said, while all of the politicians in the race have been stunting at different levels to reel in voters and appeal to the public, it just seems that Hillary’s the most scrutinized for her transparency in wanting to win.

Either way, I’m curious if there will be more Dunham social media takeovers, or an evolution of the air-guitar. Her guitar plucking form was pretty good, so maybe we’ll hear some acoustic jams from Hill-dawg in coming months.