Hillary Clinton Is At Her Best Throwing Down About Reproductive Rights

Hillary Clinton did not disappoint this weekend when accepting the endorsement of Planned Parenthood. In fact, I would say she killed it.

In addition to affirming her pro-choice stance, as expected, Clinton also spoke out about repealing the grotesque Hyde Amendment, which prevents anyone using government-funded healthcare from having abortion services covered by that insurance. This affects millions of low income patients, as well as members of our armed services. Safe, legal abortions must be made available to all, not just those with money.

Sure! Anti-abortion people don’t want their tax dollars going toward abortions! I get that. But you know what? I didn’t want my tax dollars to fund the Iraq War, I don’t want my tax dollars to fund long prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders, and if I lived in a state where they had the death penalty, I wouldn’t want my tax money going to that, either. We all have to fund things we don’t like, or that we don’t use, because we live in a society.

This is when Clinton is at her best. It truly is. She’s not good at playing air guitar or dancing with Ellen. Which I get, because I sure as hell wouldn’t be either. The strain of trying to be whimsical and carefree when you’re basically a serious person is exhausting. I wish she would realize that this is where she shines, and focus on being herself rather than listening to whoever it is on her campaign that’s telling her to try to be fluffy and whimsical. She’s good at being serious, she’s good at being smart and being competent. Frankly, she’s good at being pissed. I want more of this.