Update: Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Gets Caught After Trying To Make His Own Biopic

Update: It has since been reported that El Chapo was seen with American Actor Sean Penn in the Mexican jungle, and that this is how the druglord was ultimately caught. Well, well!

Infamous Mexican drug cartel king ‘El Chapo’, nee Joaquín Guzmán has been caught. The cocaine kingpin was captured in the Mexican town of Los Mochis after trying find actors and producers to star and make a biopic about his own life. Well, that was stupid.

Who knew such insane narcissism could get yourself in trouble? What happened, did Chapo see Narcos on Netflix and get hella jealous?

Chappie has been taken back to a maximum security prison in Altiplano, the same one he escaped from last year through a mile-long underground tunnel.

We’ll see if this film ever gets made now!