Face Of Lemmy Appears On Woman’s Ultrasound

An Argentinian woman, identified only as “Fanny” claims that the face of Jesus Christ on her ultrasound after having a dream in which he visited her.

Fanny told the Daily Mail that although her pregnancy was complicated, God gave her several signs throughout, and after she had a surprise ultrasound at the doctor’s office and was given a photo to take him–she realized he’d been with her all along. “When we got home” she said, “I realised that you can clearly see the face of Christ in the photo. This is when I knew without a doubt that he had not abandoned us.”

I don’t know, Fanny. I don’t know. According to various scholars, it’s highly unlikely that Jesus looked like the Traditional Jesus Paintings or Ted Neeley, but more like this:


That is not the face I see in that ultrasound. Not at all.

What I do see, however–plain as day–is the face of recently deceased Motorhead frontman, Lemmy.


SEE? It’s totally Lemmy. HE IS RISEN.

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