Yes, It Happened, Beyoncé Joined Channing Tatum on Lip Sync Battle For A ‘Run The World(Girls)’ Duet

Last night on Lip Sync Battle, all the celestial bodies aligned and Beyoncé graced the stage with Channing Tatum for a stirring rendition of “Run The World(Girls)”. It was fantastic, with a hint of frat bro, which is just what I expected, and more. And yes, Beyoncé showing up was a nice touch. But, the clear winner of this? Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who danced like nobody was watching, except her husband or maybe herself, in the mirror.

This rendition of Channing’s now-iconic Magic MikeXXL routine with the sweatpants and the undershirt and the hat and the abs is like…maybe better than the real thing. The dedication! The drive. The verve with which she air-humps. Also, this.


They look like they have a very happy marriage. Watch both performances, above.