Jennifer Lawrence: Food Genius?

Jennifer Lawrence sat down for a quick Q&A to go along with her Glamour cover this month, and she managed to pack a lot of wisdom into two short minutes. For instance: “Fuckery” is a great word, you’ll always have zits, and, most importantly, it is possible to make a sandwich out of pizza and chili:

“It’s called a chili pizza sandwich. You have a piece of pizza and you put chili in it, noodles in it, like southern chili, and then another piece of pizza and then you eat it like a sandwich. And I was totally sober. Completely sober.”

So is this like pizza-based sloppy joes? I just really need some more detailed instructions here. Is the pizza cold? Is the chili cold? The pizza’s gotta be cold, right? Otherwise that sounds like some really gross-looking stains just waiting to happen. Gross but delicious.


[h/t Celebitchy]
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